Video Tributes and Emeriti Resolutions

2019 Faculty Retirees

JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner - 33 years

Associate Professor of Health and Human Performance

Atwell-Scrivner Video Tribute

Atwell-Scrivner Emerita Resolution

Arthur K. Ellis - 33 years

Professor of Education

Ellis Video Tribute

Ellis Emeritus Resolution

Dirk (Rick) Eigenbrood - 18 years

Professor of Education

Eigenbrood Video Tribute

Eigenbrood Emeritus Resolution

Dan W. Hess - 42 years

Professor of Finance

Hess Video Tribute

Hess Emeritus Resolution

Ramona A. Holmes - 25 years

Professor of Music Education

Holmes Video Tribute

Holmes Emerita Resolution

Richard P. Jackson - 24 years

Assistant Professor of Journalism

Jackson Video Tribute

Jackson Emeritus Resolution

Donald J. MacDonald - 42 years

Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

MacDonald Video Tribute

MacDonald Emeritus Resolution

Gaile L. Moe - 25 years

Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences; Director of General Education

Moe Video Tribute

Moe Emerita Resolution

William E. Nagy - 23 years

Professor of Education

Nagy Video Tribute

Nagy Emeritus Resolution

Joanna K. Poznanska - 31 years

Professor of International Business

Poznanska Video Tribute

Poznanska Emerita Resolution

William H. Prenevost - 13 years

Associate Professor of Educational Administration and Supervision

Prenevost Video Tribute

Prenevost Emeritus Resolution

Richard L. Ridgway - 30 years

Associate Professor of Biology

Ridgway Video Tribute

Ridgway Emeritus Resolution

Mícheál D. Roe - 31 years

Professor of Psychology

Roe Video Tribute

Roe Emeritus Resolution

Tina L. Schermer-Sellers - 21 years

Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

Schermer-Sellers Emerita Resolution

Regina P. Schlee - 35 years

Professor of Marketing

Schlee Video Tribute

Schlee Emerita Resolution

Frank A. Spina - 46 years

Professor of Old Testament

Spina Video Tribute

Spina Emeritus Resolution

John W. Thoburn - 21 years

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Thoburn Video Tribute

Thoburn Emeritus Resolution

Douglas J. Thorpe - 31 years

Professor of English

Thorpe Video Tribute

Thorpe Emeritus Resolution

Elaine Y. Weltz - 35 years

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Weltz Video Tribute

Weltz Emerita Resolution