Visal Chourn

“Visal is from Cambodia and has managed a philosophy degree in a second language. It’s hard enough to master all the fine distinctions and nuanced argumentation in one’s primary language,” says Associate Professor of Philosophy Rebekah Rice. Visal plans to work in public service and maybe someday serve as an ambassador. 

Visal Chourn

Major: Philosophy

Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Post-graduation plans: Having grown up in Cambodia and seen the disordering and the levels of poverty of my society, I have always been drawn at a very young age to public service. Looking to contribute to public service, education, and development of my country, I long to be an ambassador and will attempt to pass the foreign service exam to be a diplomat upon returning back home.

Extracurricular activities: Centurions Club, International Student Club, helped the move-in of Tent City 3 on campus, volunteer at Seattle Municipal Court as a case assistant, volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, organized many international student orientations

Favorite memory of SPU: “Making lifelong friends, and meeting staff and professors who deeply care about my intellectual thinking, as well going outside of their time to ask me how I am doing outside of the classrooms in times where I was completely lost. Those moments were honestly the most enriching for me.”