Rachel Long

This Fulbright Scholar plans to go to Kyrgyzstan in the fall to teach English. During her time at SPU, Rachel moved to Jordan and worked with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, teaching English, doing emergency aid relief and paperwork translation. During that time she studied Arabic and fell even more in love with the Islamic world.

Rachel Long

Major: Global Development with a minor in Global and Urban Ministries

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Post-graduation plans: “I received a Fulbright Scholar Award to Kyrgyzstan. I will be moving to Kyrgyzstan in September, and teach at a university in Bishkek, the capital. I hope to return to the Middle East to work with Syrian and Iraqi refugees doing community development work. After a few years in the field, I would like to return to the academic setting to pursue a master’s degree in development ethics with an emphasis in the Islamic world.”

Extracurricular activities: SPRINT, Semester at Sea study abroad, Best Semester’s Middle Eastern Studies Program study abroad in Jordan, English teacher and emergency aid relief worker in Jordan, Residence Life, UniCom desk, intern with the International Rescue Committee and United Religions Initiative

Favorite memory of SPU: “There is no one single favorite memory but my favorite part of SPU has been the people. I have made lifelong friends who I know will love and support me for the rest of my life, which is so incredibly special. Also, the professors and staff have just been incredible! I wouldn’t be here without them and really believe they deserve credit for much of my success, especially my advisors Assistant Professor of Political Science Bradley Murg and Assistant Professor of Missional Theology David Leong. They’re absolutely incredible – a huge thank you to them.”