Bilen Yitbarek

Bilen has been one of the most active students on campus during her time at SPU. Here are just a few of her activities during her four years on campus – hall council president, student newspaper sports editor and writer, vice president of campus activities, and Welcome Team member.

Bilen Yitbarek

Major: Individual and Family Development (FCS Department)

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Post-graduation plans: “Immediately after graduation, I will be continuing to work with the After-School Elementary classroom at North Queen Anne Child Care Center and co-lead as a summer camp teacher. Then I will be working full-time in an administrative position during my gap year until I apply for a master’s program for a degree in child life/development.”

Extracurricular activities: 2014–15: Ashton Hall president, Orientation Welcome Team; 2015–16: BSU member, Homecoming Planning Committee; 2016–17: ASSP VP of campus activities, Falcon Newspaper sports editor and writer, SPU ambassador/tour guide, Black Student Union member; 2017–18: SPU ambassador/tour guide, Black Student Union member, African Student Association financial officer, volunteer at Seattle Children’s

Favorite memory of SPU: “Being able to travel to the Philippines twice on a study abroad trip. We went with my faculty advisor and were able to work with the amazing ministries in the city of Manila, which were centered around children, education, and community development.”