Some of Our Outstanding Graduates

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

This Ames Scholar and Black Student Union member says studying abroad is his favorite memory of Seattle Pacific. He has several career options after graduation.

Major: Communication with a Theatre minor

As an editor of The Falcon student newspaper, Athena says she was able to experience the university in a unique way.

Major: Business Marketing

As a commuter student, A’lon not only worked for the Undergraduate Admissions office but also worked for the Space Needle, Seattle Mariners, and Seattle Sounders FC. He just landed a full-time job as a sports agent after graduation.

Major: Global Development with a minor in Global and Urban Ministries

This Fulbright Scholar plans to go to Kyrgyzstan in the fall to teach English. During her time at SPU, Rachel moved to Jordan and worked with Syrian and Iraqi refugees, teaching English, doing emergency aid relief and paperwork translation. During that time she studied Arabic and fell even more in love with the Islamic world.

Major: Political Science with a concentration in International Affairs

This University Scholar served in several leadership positions on campus. She will attend Fordham University in the fall to purse a graduate program in elections and campaign management. Lillian hopes to make a career out of encouraging women to run for local office.

Major: Ecology

Alia has been actively involved with SPU’s Blakely Island Field Station, and her favorite memories have been made there. Her senior research project was titled “Survivorship of Columbian Black-tailed Deer on Blakely Island.”

Major: Individual and Family Development (FCS Department)

Bilen has been one of the most active students on campus during her time at SPU. Here are just a few of her activities during her four years on campus — hall council president, student newspaper sports editor and writer, vice president of campus activities, and Welcome Team member.

Major: Communication

Besides being active in student publications, hall council, and the Study Abroad program, Rachel says some of her favorite memories are just hanging out with friends.

Major: Applied Mathematics with Business Emphasis

Theresa says SPU has a strong math program, but what she values more is how she is treated as an individual. “Not only do all of my teachers care about me as more than just another student, but SPU also has strong connections with many different companies. Even as an undergrad, I have the opportunity to make connections with professionals in lots of different fields.”

Major: Mathematics

Math has been an interest of Kate’s since she was young — partly due to her father’s enthusiasm for the subject, and partly due to her own curiosity stemming from his excitement. Since coming to Seattle Pacific, she says this campus is special and unique. “Coming from the public school system, I was floored that I was listening to my professors pray out loud. Attending a Christian university changed my mindset on truly living in and living out my faith.”

Major: Apparel Design and Merchandising

Syl came to SPU as a transfer student and completed the Fashion Design program at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. She was one of two students chosen to create custom gowns for SPU's 125th anniversary gala. She says it took her about 300 hours to complete the garment — and that the project was great preparation for her time at FIT.

Major: Biochemistry

Katie jumped into volunteer work as soon as she got to SPU. Today she volunteers at the Union Gospel Mission in Rainier Valley, helping elementary-age kids with their homework and playing games with them. “I’ve been challenged here, in a good way,” she says. “The diversity of different cultures, religions, beliefs, and seeing how other people see the world has challenged what I believe.”

Major: Visual Communication

Kathryn has held many roles in student ministries throughout her time at Seattle Pacific and currently serves as vice president of ministries. She was instrumental in planning the Ministries Retreat and Celebration of Resurrection Week, and initiated campus prayer walks during Winter and Spring Quarters. Kathryn says her design work “is an outlet for emotions and ideas that I cannot express in any other way. I am not perfect, but I can taste perfection through creation.”

Major: Nursing

The student newspaper, The Falcon, interviewed Noah about his switch from pre-med to nursing. “The things the nursing program focuses on and [the program’s] values, nursing as an art, being patient-centered, and the advocacy on relationship has been really cool, and the work is very diverse,” Mozek said. After graduation, he plans to finish his training at an assisted living center and get his registered nursing license.

Taylor Masukawa
Taylor Masukawa

Major: Accounting

Taylor is the recent recipient of the 2018 Emerging Leader Award from the Association of Government Accountants Seattle Chapter. She is the current vice president of Beta Alpha Psi.

Major: Costume Design and Production

Kat’s passion lies in theatre and in using art as a way to inspire and create change in the world. She has written several plays, including Truth Like Water — a play written for Still Waving, a Climate Change Theatre Action performance hosted by Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand. She plans to pursue work in theatre after graduation.

Major: Computer Science

First, she wanted to be an aeronautical engineer, then a pharmacist, then a computer engineer. But an internship with Microsoft helped Delsey decide to major in computer science. She did research at the Berkeley National Laboratory in California, and plans to go into computer science and work in the industry for a couple of years before going back to school for a master’s degree.

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hugo says the highlights of his time in the Engineering and Computer Science department were the events and team projects. “One of my favorite events was the Erickson Conference where students from all STEM majors participated in a showcase of their projects and research. I was able to take part, present my team’s project (a portable modular greenhouse), and see what others had done.”

Major: General Engineering with Mechanical Engineering Emphasis

Hunter says his experiences at SPU and within the Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) department have been extremely positive. “The faculty within the ECS department are some of the most intelligent, caring, and humble people I’ve ever met, and they are excellent instructors. Within the department, you will be challenged, and come out on the other side as a better student and engineer.”

Kayley’s major: Photography/Digital Media
Karina’s major: Global Development Studies; Photography/Digital Media 

These two photographers approach their work from different angles. “The raw conversations around gender, identity, Islam, politics, and culture I’ve had are the magical part of the process for me,” says Karina. Kayley studies relationships in her work. “I want viewers to think back to their own personal experiences in relationship,” she says. “Relationships are essential to human life and can be beautiful and wonderful, yet challenging and complicated.”

Major: Theatre

Not only has Natalie been heavily involved in Seattle Pacific theatre productions, but she has taken full advantage of Seattle’s vibrant theatre community. “SPU is located in one of the top 10 theatre cities in the country,” she says. “Every week there are new shows to see with student discounts, productions and projects to audition for, and assorted other theatrical jobs and volunteer positions to involve yourself in beyond SPU.”

Major: Vocal Performance; Interior Design

Melissa is majoring in vocal performance and dreams of singing opera on the professional stage, and she’s also pursuing a double major and career in interior design. “Both my music and interior design instructors are kind, helpful, and genuinely care,” she says. “They’ve invested in me as a person and helped me mesh together two very different fields into something that will work.”

Major: Physiology

Lola has held many leadership positions at SPU, including Associated Students of Seattle Pacific president. After graduation, she hopes to spend time in Nigeria with extended family, either learning about public health research or spending time in a health care setting. She then plans to attend medical school in the U.S. and later work in women’s health or family medicine.

Emily Hansum
Emily Hansum

Major: Linguistics and Cultural Studies Major

When she first arrived at Seattle Pacific, Emily set a goal. ”My decision to study abroad came from setting the goal my freshman year to become proficient in Spanish by the time I graduate. Study abroad was extremely important in meeting this goal and it felt so good to make such huge steps in that journey.” She studied at Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia. Emily plans to apply for a Peace Corps position in Nicaragua and for a Fulbright Scholarship to teach English.

Major: General Engineering; Mechanical Engineering

Daniel’s senior design project, Solairo — a solar-powered heating and cooling unit, won two awards at SPU’s Social Venture Plan Competition. The vision for Solairo was inspired by the extreme temperatures faced by 80,000 Syrians living in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp. “I’ve learned through my time at SPU that Christ came for people who don’t fit in,” says Daniel. He hopes to interest a foundation to take Solairo into production and distribution.

Major: Music Therapy

This September, Ruth will complete her internship in Barcelona, Spain, under the supervision of Dr. Melissa Brotons, the current president of the World Federation of Music Therapy. Ruth’s heart goes out not only to hospitalized children, but also to those on the autism spectrum. And being close to her mother and father, she says, “I’m passionate about immigrant and refugee families.”

Major: Applied Mathematics with Computational Concentration

A campus leader for a Wesleyan small group and intramural basketball player, Amelia will pursue a master’s degree in quantitative finance after graduation. She says one of her biggest blessings has been a professor who “is a great spiritual mentor who always supports me during hard times.” 

Major: Philosophy

“Visal is from Cambodia and has managed a philosophy degree in a second language. It’s hard enough to master all the fine distinctions and nuanced argumentation in one’s primary language,” says Associate Professor of Philosophy Rebekah Rice. Visal plans to work in public service and maybe someday serve as an ambassador.

Major: Communication

This passionate musician is equally passionate about serving on campus and in the community. Known for his passion for playing the drums and serving as a worship leader, Darius plans to continue pursuing music after graduation. 


2018 Commencement Speakers

Undergraduate Commencement Speaker

Bob Goff, author of New York Times best-seller Love Does, and founder of a nonprofit of the same name. Love Does works to promote human rights and education in current and recovering conflict zones.

Graduate Commencement Speaker

Tim Burgess, former mayor of Seattle, retired. Elected citywide three times to the City Council in 2007, 2011, and 2015.

Ivy Cutting Speaker

Karen Gutowsky-Zimmerman, professor of art, Seattle Pacific University