At SPU, diversity is more than just a buzzword. It’s part of our commitment to the gospel and our mission to engage the culture and change the world.

Students visit Capital Hill

If you are a student of color, a first-generation college student, or a student who comes from an urban or diverse high school, we will give you the tools you need to succeed at Seattle Pacific University.

We recognize that attending a university demographically different from your high school or family can be difficult, which is why we support you from day one (often before day one):

  • You have a dedicated multicultural outreach admissions counselor.
  • We offer Urban Preview for junior and senior high school students each fall, where you’ll visit classes, spend the night in a residence hall, and learn about SPU’s admissions process,  financial aid, and more.
  • You may be invited to attend Early Connections, a unique orientation program for students of color and first-generation college students.
  • As a student, you can attend an intercultural retreat.
  • You can apply for the BioCORE Scholars program if you are planning to study any of the biology majors. This leadership program provides networking opportunities, upperclassmen mentors, a summer research week, and a retreat at Blakely Island Field Station in the San Juan Islands.

You will not be alone! At SPU, you will find intentional friendships and support from faculty and staff who care about justice and reconciliation. A team of people in Multi-Ethnic Programs will offer you interpersonal and academic support.

For the past decade, we have been committed to increasing the diversity of our student body, and delving into discussions about race, justice, and privilege. Currently 38 percent of our students are students of color, which represents a triple increase over the past decade. We also have students from 39 states and 48 countries.

Here are some other avenues on campus where all students can learn more about race, identity, and reconciliation: