First-Year Student Scholarships

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Just send in your admission application, and, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk (*), you can receive multiple scholarships. (Are you looking for Transfer Scholarships?)

Note: Scholarship amounts and award guidelines are subject to change at the University’s discretion, and they may be adjusted based on the competitiveness of the applicant pool. International students are not able to be considered for the full-tuition Distinguished Scholar Award. Academic scholarships are based on cumulative, unweighted GPAs.

2019–20 Scholarships

Merit-Based Scholarships

Full Tuition

Distinguished Scholar Award* (4 awarded)

Invitation only. Your admission application must be received by December 15 for consideration.


Trustees' Scholar Award*

  • GPA: 3.8+ and SAT: 1310+ or ACT: 28+

  • GPA: 4.0

President’s Scholar Award*

  • GPA: 3.5+ and SAT: 1220+ or ACT: 25+
  • GPA: 3.2+ and SAT: 1270+ or ACT: 27+
  • GPA: 3.8+

Deans’ Scholar Award*

  • GPA: 3.2+ and SAT: 1130+ or ACT: 23+
  • GPA: 3.0+ and SAT: 1220+ or ACT: 25+
  • GPA: 3.5+

National Merit Scholarship (3 awarded)

National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist (SPU first choice).

Other Scholarships

Full Tuition (covered by federal, state, and SPU grant and scholarship aid)

Falcon Bound Commitment

For eligible students in the Washington State College Bound Scholarship Program who receive 1220 or higher on the SAT, 25 composite or higher on the ACT, or cumulative high school GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Summit Seeker’s Scholarship (1 awarded)

For a domestic student whose parent(s) are current or former missionaries in a developing country. A four-year award, totaling $20,000, with descending amounts: $8,000 (year 1), $6,000 (year 2), $4,000 (year 3), $2,000 (year 4).

Up to $5,000

Ames Scholarship

For students from traditionally underrepresented ethnic backgrounds. Learn more and apply online.


Engineering Scholarship (Deffenbaugh or Burwell)

For incoming freshmen who plan to major in an engineering discipline. Learn more and apply online.


FIRST Scholarship (2 awarded)

Merit-based scholarship for high school seniors who have participated in a FIRST Robotic Competition or a FIRST Tech Challenge during their junior or senior year in high school. Learn more and apply online.


Free Methodist Scholarship

Affiliated with the Free Methodist Church.


Alumni Scholarship

Student is the dependent of an SPU graduate.


Ministry Service Award

Student is the dependent of a parent who is employed full-time with a Christian church, mission, or parachurch organization.

Up to $1,000

Visit Scholarship

Attend a visit through the Admissions office between September 1 and May 1 of your senior year to qualify (one-year scholarship of $500 for in-state students and $1,000 for out-of-state students). Must enroll the fall after your senior year.

Up to $500

Church Match Scholarship

SPU matches up to $500 of a scholarship awarded from an organized Christian church in the USA or Canada. Learn more.

Room and Board

SPU ROTC Academic Achievement Award (2 awarded)

For consideration, you must be a recipient of a three- or four-year scholarship from Army or Air Force ROTC.


NCAA Division II Athletic Scholarship

Contact coaches by calling 206-281-2085 or


SPU partners with to award micro-scholarships for a number of specific achievements you make in high school. An “A” in biology gets you $400. AP courses are $1,000 each. Sign up to start claiming your awards. (Note: scholarship funds are not stackable on top of the scholarships you receive from SPU.)