Study Abroad

If you want to study abroad while enrolled at Seattle Pacific, you may still receive financial aid to help cover costs – provided you receive prior approval for courses to be applied toward your SPU degree. 

Know before you go. Enrollment in an SPU-approved study abroad program is just like enrollment at SPU when you apply for federal aid. But every situation is unique, so talk to us. We can help guide you through the paperwork (and payment) maze.

Plan ahead. Internet access may be limited or impossible in some parts of the world. Before leaving, be aware of upcoming financial deadlines. Filing next year’s FAFSA is just one example. Who, when, and how you pay also varies with each program. See below for specifics.

Quarters vs. semesters. Other programs may be on a semester system. SPU is on a quarter system. So keep in mind:

  • If you will be attending in the fall, you may use federal aid, and for some programs, SPU aid. If attending in the winter/spring, you may use two quarters of state and federal aid, and for some programs, one quarter of SPU aid.
  • You’ll receive more credits in a semester program than you would in one quarter. Receiving more credits may help you complete your degree requirements sooner, saving you a quarter’s worth of costs later.

Beyond that, consider these options:

SPU off-campus programs

  • You may use all federal, state, and SPU gift aid towards these programs.
  • For global seminars in the middle of a quarter, or for seminars held prior to the upcoming quarter with credits that count toward the upcoming quarter, you may use financial aid that exceeds on-campus costs for the upcoming quarter.
  • You’ll receive a payment schedule from SFS and pay SPU.

SPU partner programs

  • Applies to British Isles U-Kent Program.
  • You may use all federal and state aid, and a prorated portion of SPU gift aid.
  • Receive 24 transfer credits but pay SPU’s full-time tuition rate.
  • Payment schedule from SFS; pay SPU.

SPU aid-approved off-campus programs

  • Applies to Clark Atlanta University, Daystar University study abroad, all CCCU Best Semester programs.
  • You may use all federal, state, and SPU gift aid.
  • Pay SPU full-time tuition rate plus per-credit rate for any credits above 18. Since it is a semester school, students earn 22–24 SPU quarter credits.
  • CCCU Best Semester’s rate for room/board, airfare.
  • Initial deposit to CCCU, then payments to SPU.

Family and Consumer Science Consortium programs

  • Applies to study abroad programs by Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM), Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT).
  • Receive all federal and state aid and a maximum of $5,000 in SPU gift aid per academic year ($1,666 per quarter at FIDM or $2,500 per semester at FIT).
  • FIT and FIDM’s rate for tuition, room/board, fees.
  • Pay SPU following the normal billing schedule.

Christian College Consortium

  • Applies to these schools and their own study abroad programs in our consortium: Asbury College, Bethel University, George Fox University, Gordon College, Greenville College, Houghton College, Malone University, Messiah College, Taylor University, Trinity International University, Westmont College, Wheaton College.
  • Receive all federal and state aid, and maximum of $5,000 in SPU gift aid per academic year ($1,666 per quarter or $2,500 per semester, depending on whether host school is quarter- or semester-based).
  • Host school rate of tuition, room/board, fees.
  • Pay SPU following the normal billing schedule.

Consortium programs

  • For programs not run by/affiliated with SPU (such as AIU, Semester at Sea, Normandy, University of Salamanca, others).
  • Use all federal and state aid but no SPU gift aid.
  • Set up consortium agreement with SFS counselor.
  • Pay program directly. SPU is not involved in payment process.

Summer programs

You may also use federal and state aid for summer programs. This may mean less federal and state aid is available for Autumn, Winter, and Spring quarters, and less for alternative funding options.

More financial aid/scholarship information on SPU’s Study Abroad pages, as well as on the SFS scholarship pages

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