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Creative Conversations

Building on the foundation of the Thursday Food for Thought series, in 2013 the SPU Library began inviting member of the SPU community to share scholarly and creative works in progress.

2013–14 Academic Year



  • Jeff Keuss, Theology – The Gospel According to Stephen King
  • Shannon Huffman Polson, MFA '12  –  North of Hope: Memoir, Memory, and Mercy
  • Ben McFarland, Biochemistry  – The Quickening: How Chemistry Shaped Biology
  • David Wicks and Andrew Lumpe  – bPortfolios: Using an Open Blogging Platform for Reflective Learning


  • Rob Wall and David Nienhuis, Theology - A bit-sized Introduction to the Whole Bible
  • Suzanne M. Wolfe, English - The Iron Ring: A Novel, The Confessions of St. Augustine's Concubine
  • Myrna Capp, Music - Namibian Soundscapes: Music of the People and the Land
  • Don Yanik, Theater - A conversation about Scene Design


  • Zeek Earl, director, SHEP films –  Indie Filmmaking in Seattle
  • Jennifer Maier, English – Now, Now - Selected Poems and Conversation
  • Kimberly Segall, English – Performing Democracy: Women in the Arab Spring
  • Bruce Baker, Business and Adam Arabian, Engineering – The Spirit of Entrepreneurship and the Imago Dei

2014–15 Academic Year



  • Doug Thorpe, English - Palestine, Poetry, and the Promised Land
  • Roger Feldman, Art - Language of the Senses
  • Doug Koskela, Theology - Calling and Clarity
  • Karen Snedker and Jeniffer McKinney - Homelessness in Seattle: A Christian University's Response


  • Dan Martin, University President - Rich Soil: Transforming Your Organization's Landscape for Maximum Effectiveness
  • Paul Yost, Psychology - Leading From Where You Are
  • Amy Roberston and Kara Gray, Physics - Content Knowledge for Teaching
  • Christine Chaney, English - SPU's Core Curriculum: From Aristotle to Brain Imaging


  • Christa Pierce, BA '13 - Chrildren's book Publishing: Did you Know that I Love You?
  • Doug Strong, Theology - Rediscovering Our Evangelical Heritage
  • Chris Hoke, MFA '13 - Monasticism in Lockdown America
  • Dyana Herron, Image Milton Fellow - Laughing in the Dark: Using Humor to Write about (Seriously) Tough Topics


2015–16 Academic Year



  • Stephen Newby, Music - Creating New Music for "Hosea - an Oratorio"
  • Karen Snedker and Jennifer McKinney, Sociology - From Charity to Change: A Christian University Responds to Homelessness
  • Richard Scheuerman, Education - Help Wanted: World's Seventh Largest "Country" Seeks Ambassadors - SPU and Global Orphan Nation
  • Bomin Shim, Nursing - Finding Meaning in the Dementia Caregiving Relationship 


  • Michael Paulus, Library, Bruce Baker, Business, Mike Lanford, Theology - Digital Wisdom: Continuing the Conversation
  • Al Erisman, Business - Business, Theology, and Mathematics
  • Amy Robertson and Rachel Scherr, Physics - Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics
  • Kerry Dearborn, Theology - Drinking From the Wells of New Creation: The Holy Spirit and Imagination in Reconciliation


  • Camellia Freeman, Image Milton Fellow - Writing the Body: Form, Politics, and Physicality in the Personal Essay
  • Rolin Moe, Educational Technology and Media - Defining Innovation: A Critical Look at the Language of Educational Progress
  • Robert Baah, Spanish - Psalm 58 and the Way of Justice: Perspectives from Father Ernesto Cardenal

2016–17 Academic Year



  • Adrienne Meier, Library - Incomplete Roots: Dealing with Gaps in SPU's Records
  • Daniel Castelo, Theology - Pentecostalism as a Christian Mystical Tradition
  • Margaret Brown, CSFD - Rigorous Reflection 


  • Brian Chin, Music - How to Fail as a 21st Century Artist
  • David Leong, Theology - Race and Place: How Urban Geography Shapes the Journey to Reconciliation
  • Kim Gilnett - Road to Redemption: A Screening of the WWII Documentary Featuring POW, SPU Alum, and Missionary Jake Deshazer

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