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  • Christian Theology (major and minors)

A degree in Christian Theology from Seattle Pacific University prepares you to live your life with depth and conviction in whatever field you choose. That might mean serving in an overseas relief agency or with a nonprofit organization. It might mean working in the business sector, health care, education, or other professional area. Or it might mean going on to pursue graduate study in theology in order to serve God in the church or the academy.  

Regardless of your path, the faculty of the School of Theology knows that what you believe is only one aspect of Christian faith. It also matters how you live out that faith. With our distinctive understanding of theological education (Academy, Abbey, and Apostolate), a degree in Christian Theology from SPU will help you learn to understand your faith so that, in partnership with the Holy Spirit, you might translate it into a way of life that engages the culture and changes the world.

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Christian Theology (BA)


This degree offers a transformative encounter with Scripture and the Christian tradition, preparing students to deepen their own Christian faith, nurture Christian faith in others, and serve as agents of reconciliation in diverse settings.

  • A minimum 60 credits are required for this major, including 30 upper-division credits.
  • Our distinctive understanding of theological education (Academy, Abbey, and Apostolate) brings together rigorous scholarship, spiritual formation, and faithful service.
  • This major includes a set of core courses reflecting the range of theological studies, as well as substantial focus coursework that enables students to go deeper in areas of particular interest.
  • Students in this major will also complete a three-credit internship or thesis and a two-credit Capstone course.

Theology minors

The School of Theology also offers seven minors.

Apply for the major 

  • To qualify for the major, you must have a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA in all previous college credits.
  • You must have attained at least a B- grade in a University Foundations course.
  • Apply to this program through the online Major or Minor application.
  • You must complete the major requirements in effect when you are admitted to the major.

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