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  • Costume Design and Production (major and minor)

Costume Design and Production (BA)

The Costume Design and Production program is a joint program between the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) and the Department of Theatre (TRE).

Through the combined study of theatre, apparel design, clothing construction, clothing history, and theatre history, we prepare students to become costumers, wardrobe managers, costume technicians and costume designers in professional theatre, film, or other performance genres.

Note: This major and minor are found in TRE and FCS. Be advised that these programs are identical in scope and requirement. If you take a major in one department and would like to add a minor, it must be in the other department. For example, if you are majoring in FCS Apparel Merchandising and would like to minor in Costume Design and Production, you would need to take that minor as a TRE.

  • A minimum 88 credits are required for this major, including 36 upper-division credits.
  • A minimum 35 credits are required for this minor, including 15 upper-division credits.
  • This major requires completion of the Family and Consumer Sciences Core, which includes:
    • FCS 3240 Individual and Family Development.
    • FCS 4899 Senior Capstone, completed after FCS 3240 and during your senior year.
  • Core major courses from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department include History of Costume, Textiles, and Flat Pattern Design.
  • Core courses from the Theatre Department include Stagecraft, P Analyzing and Interpreting Theatre, and Production Practicum.

Apply for the major or minor

  • Apply for this major or minor by your junior year, using the online Major or Minor application.
  • If you were an incoming freshman, you may apply for the major at the end of your first quarter of your sophomore year.
  • If you were a transfer student, you may apply to the major in your second quarter at the university.
  • You are required to have successfully completed three courses from the core requirements, which must include FCS 1840 Basic Clothing Construction.
  • Your application is due on or before the first Friday of Autumn, Winter, or Spring quarter.
  • Faculty must approve all admissions to the major and minor.
  • Your overall GPA must be a minimum of 2.5 and you must have successfully completed three FCS courses to be eligible to apply for the Costume Design and Production major. 
  • You must complete the major or minor requirements based on the date you are admitted to the major or minor.

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