University Scholars Curriculum

The University Scholars program is for students who have been invited into this special program. If you are a “U Scholar,” you will follow an alternative general education curriculum. 

You are required to complete 66 credits total — including the courses listed below, a 5-credit science course approved to fulfill the fundamental sciences requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum, and a 5-credit mathematics course approved to fulfill the quantitative reasoning requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum.

Prior to enrolling in USCH 3910 Faith and Science I, you must complete a 5-credit course that fulfills the WKFS (Ways of Knowing in the Fundamental Sciences) requirement in the Exploratory Curriculum.

Credit received for international 13th year advanced standing or AP, Cambridge International, IB, or CLEP exams will not fulfill this requirement. 

*A combined total of no more than 4 credits is allowed in USCH 4960 and/or USCH 4965.

Student in classroom

Graduation requirements 

Keep track of your UScholars graduation requirements on this checklist.