Refunds and Account Adjustments

Registration changes, performed within the time period that online registration is open, may be done through Banner.

If you decide to add or drop courses outside of the normal registration deadlines, you must notify Student Academic Services in writing by completing a Registration Petition (PDF). To reference a current listing of registration deadlines, see the Academic Calendar. Registration Petitions need to be accompanied by a student statement and support/permission from your department or a faculty member. Registration Petitions are also subject to a Change of Registration fee of $50.

If you plan to withdraw from University housing (i.e., cancel the room and meal plan contract), you must give proper notification to University Services. If you completely withdraw from the University, you must inform Safety and Security to be eligible for a refund of your parking fees.

If you do not provide proper notification to the University, financial obligations will remain binding, regardless of whether classes were attended or whether or not any of the contracted services were utilized.

Refunds or additional charges for courses are posted to your student account when the official Registration Petition is received and processed or the transaction is completed using Banner. Charges for added courses are made at the full quarter’s rate, regardless of when the course is added.

If a student has a credit balance on his or her account (for example, due to an over payment), then the student or the student’s authorized parent or legal representative may request a refund. In most cases, all eligible refunds will be remitted to the student.

If there is an owing balance on the account or a past-due balance on a campus-based loan program, such as the SPU Institutional, Federal Perkins, and Federal Nursing Student Loan programs, in most cases, the refund will first be applied against the owing balance.

In the event that enrollment changes result in a refund, tuition will be refunded according to the schedule that follows. 

Any questions regarding tuition refunds should be directed to Student Financial Services.

Schedule of tuition refunds for classes

  • First week of the quarter: 100%
  • Second week of the quarter: 75%
  • Third week of the quarter: 50%
  • Fourth and fifth weeks of the quarter: 25%
  • Sixth and following weeks of the quarter: 0%

Note: A week is defined as five business days beginning on the first day of each quarter. Specific dates for refunds are available on the University Calendar.

Tuition refunds and adjustments

Tuition refunds and adjustments
Example One  

A student who was originally enrolled for 15 credits drops one 3-credit course the third week of class. There is no tuition adjustment, since the fee for 12 credits is the same as for 15.
Example Two
  A student who was originally enrolled for 13 credits drops one 3-credit course the second week of class. The refund is as follows:
  Full tuition (13 credits) $14,160.00
  Tuition for 10 credits ($1,180 x 10) $11,800.00
  Difference $2,360.00
  75 percent refund $1,770.00
  Tuition due on dropped course $590.00
Example Three  
  Assume the above student drops a 5-credit course the second week of class. The refund is as follows:
  Full tuition (13 credits) $14,160.00
  Tuition for 8 credits ($1,180 x 8) $9,440.00
  Difference $4,720.00
  75 percent refund $3,540.00
  Tuition due on dropped course $1,180.00
Example Four  
  A student who was originally enrolled for 11 credits drops 2 credits and at the same time adds 3 credits during the second week of class. The result is as follows:
  Old level: 11 credits ($1,180 x 11) $12,980.00
  New level:12 credits $14,160.00
  Additional due $1,180
Example Five
  A student completely withdraws from all courses in the second week:
  (Full tuition 13 credits) $14,160.00
  75 percent refund $10,620.00
  Student owes $3,540.00

Effect on financial aid

Dropping courses may affect your current and continued eligibility for financial aid. Please refer to the Satisfactory Progress section under Financial Aid. It is recommended that you discuss the impact of dropping below 12 credits with your Student Financial Services counselor prior to completing the drop or withdrawal process.

Complete withdrawal

If, during a quarter, a student who receives financial aid completely withdraws from the University, the tuition refund is calculated as described above.

However, if the student received, or was entitled to receive, any federal (Title IV) funds, the return of the Title IV funds will be calculated by determining the percentage earned and applying this percentage to the total amount of Title IV assistance disbursed (and that could have been disbursed) to the student for the period of enrollment as of the student’s withdrawal date. The percentage of Title IV funds earned is equal to the percentage of the period of enrollment that the student completed as of the withdrawal date if it occurs on or before the completion of 60 percent of the period of enrollment. The percentage of Title IV funds that have not been earned by the student is determined by taking the complement of the percentage of Title IV funds earned. The unearned Title IV funds will be returned to financial aid sources based on federal guidelines in the following order:

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized loan
  • Federal Direct Subsidized loan
  • Federal Perkins loan
  • Federal Direct PLUS loan
  • Federal Pell grants
  • Federal SEOG
  • Other Title IV Aid programs, such as a TEACH Grant

Other state, private, or institutional aid will be assessed based on state calculations and/or the amount of refund a student receives. 

Drop in credits

If you receive financial aid and drop courses to below a 12-credit load during a given quarter, a reassessment of your financial aid award may be made for that quarter. This may affect the amount actually credited to your account. Contact a Student Financial Services counselor for further information.

Room and meal plan refunds

Room deposit refunds
New students
New students who cancel their housing applications by the following dates will receive a refund of their housing deposit:
Autumn Quarter By June 1, 2018
Winter Quarter By December 7, 2018
Spring Quarter By March 16, 2019
Continuing students
Continuing students who contract for Autumn Quarter housing during the spring sign-up process will forfeit their deposit if they cancel any time after reserving housing. For Winter and Spring quarters, continuing students must cancel their contract by the following dates to receive a refund of their housing deposit:
Winter Quarter By November 28, 2018
Spring Quarter By March 4, 2019
Room and meal plan refund schedule
Students who withdraw from University housing after the beginning of the contract period will forfeit their room deposit and will receive a refund of their room and meal plan charges based on the date they sign their checkout form, according to the following schedule:
First week of the quarter* 90%
Second week of the quarter 75%
Third week of the quarter 50%
Fourth and fifth weeks of the quarter 25%
Sixth week of the quarter and following 0%

*The first week of the quarter begins the day residence halls officially open and ends the Monday after the first day of classes. Each successive week runs Tuesday through Monday.