Study Abroad

Throughout the academic year and summer, Seattle Pacific University offers or participates in several study abroad programs that allow students to study in other geographic locations. These study opportunities are divided into two categories: those receiving SPU credit and those receiving transfer credit, which are described below.

If you plan to study abroad, you need to meet with staff in the Study Abroad Office to explore travel studies options and obtain the appropriate study abroad application for your study abroad experience. Ultimately, this paperwork will be submitted to Student Academic Services for registration for SPU credit or for approval of transfer coursework.

  • Study abroad classes that offer SPU credit are scheduled and listed in the Time Schedule and this Undergraduate Catalog.
  • To receive credit, you are expected to register for the courses no later than 30 days prior to leaving for the tour.
  • You may be eligible for financial aid while participating in the SPU Travel Studies program. However, you should check with Student Financial Services for complete details.
  • An SPU faculty member is responsible for coordinating and grading the students in the program.

To obtain more information on the travel studies program through SPU, contact the Study Abroad Office or visit SPU’s Study Abroad website.

Non-SPU programs

The Study Abroad Office can help you find programs in every region of the world. You may choose to participate through third-party providers or enroll directly at a foreign university. Courses taken abroad will be transferred toward the SPU degree and will count toward the overall GPA, provided you receive regular passing grades (no pass/fail). In this case, you pay tuition and program fees directly to the third-party, and may use your state and federal financial aid (except work study), but do not receive SPU grants or scholarships during your period abroad.

Credits will be transferred from an accredited U.S. institution or directly from the foreign university. Third-party providers listed in our Program Search have been carefully screened and chosen by the Study Abroad Office for their quality, reputation, and price. If you would like to attend a program that is not listed, inquire with the Study Abroad Office to ensure the program is accredited and the credits will be transferable.

SPU students in Paris on study abroad

Take off on a study abroad

Take advantage of intercultural opportunities by joining a study abroad program.