Global Development Studies

Program offered
  • Global Development Studies (major)

Global Development Studies is an interdisciplinary program that combines liberal arts classes in global issues with applied learning from courses in business, health sciences, and a required internship supervised by an SPU faculty advisor. You will understand challenges for society at both the local and global levels from a Christian perspective.

As a Global Development Studies major you will:

  • Understand the relationship of the Gospels to global development.
  • Grow in understanding cultures different from your own.
  • Sharpen your knowledge of current events, as well as political and economic forces that affect human well-being.
  • Develop applied skills in writing and research.
  • Work with a team of students to construct a business plan for a social venture project.

GDEV graduates have gone on to positions with nonprofit organizations, foundations, churches, government groups, and missions work overseas. 

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Global Development Studies (BA)


The Global Development Studies major prepares you for vocations in global development through applied skills training and direct, cross-cultural experiences.

  • A minimum 65 credits are required for this major, including 27 upper-division credits.
  • This major requires that you complete an Internship appropriate to nonprofit or social-venture work.
  • Study abroad can, with advisor approval, satisfy the cross-cultural category, as long as at least two disciplines in the category are represented.

Apply to the major

Formal application and admission to the Global Development Studies major is required prior to enrollment in many upper-division courses. Admission is selective and based upon prior academic performance. You may apply online annually only between December 20 and January 20. SBGE does not accept applications outside this window.

To meet the minimum requirements for admission, you must:

  • Complete at least two classes in Global Development Major (one class for transfer juniors and seniors).
  • Have at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA and 2.7 GDEV Major GPA. Attainment of the minimum GPA standards does not guarantee admission as the total number of students admitted is limited by capacity.
  • Submit an application December 20–January 20.

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