School of Business, Government, and Economics

Social Venture Plan

About the SBGE

Deeply grounded in Christian faith and values, we develop leaders who advance human flourishing through service in business, government, and civil society.

SBGE distinctives

While the programs of the School of Business, Government, and Economics are appropriately similar to those offered by other universities in the coverage of the basic disciplinary knowledge and skills, at Seattle Pacific University they reflect two mission-driven distinctives:

  • Develop and promote a theologically based understanding of business, economics, and politics.
  • Be a superior provider of applied learning.

Degree programs

  • Accounting (major)
  • Business Administration (major, minor, and tracks)
    • Business Administration tracks: Economics; Finance; Information Systems; International Business; Management; Marketing; Public Policy; Social Enterprise
  • Economics (major, minor, and tracks)
    • Economics tracks: Business Analysis; Development Economics; Financial Economics; Public Policy
  • Entrepreneurship (minor)
  • Global Development Studies (major)
  • Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (major)
    • Politics, Philosophy, and Economis tracks:Applied Economics; Financial Economics; International Affairs; Philosophy; Law; Public Administration; Social Enterprise
  • Political Science (major, minor, and tracks)
    • Political Science tracks: Public Policy/Law; International Affairs


McKenna Hall

School of Business, Government, and Economics

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Time Schedule

McKenna Hall

Spreadsheet competency requirement

All majors in SBGE are required to show competency in spreadsheets. Find out the ways that this competency requirement can be satisfied.