Women’s Studies Minor

Jennifer McKinney, PhD, Director


As an institution that centers its mission in the historical Christian faith, Seattle Pacific University affirms that women are created in God’s image, redeemed by Christ, and called to lives of scholarship, service, and leadership.

  • A minimum 30 credits is required for this minor, including 15 upper-division credits.
  • WST 2350 “Introduction to Women’s Studies,” WST 4940 “Internship” and WST 4960 “Independent Project” are this minor’s Core courses.
  • You will choose 20–40 credits of electives.
  • Because of its adaptability, this minor can easily complement majors in areas such as Sociology, Psychology, Theology, History, Communication, English, Languages, Cultures & Linguistics, Political Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Business.
  • This minor welcomes both male and female students to pursue it.
  • You will develop an understanding of the social construction of gender in historical, contemporary, Western, and global contexts. 
  • This minor teaches you skills of critical analysis, problem solving, and value reasoning.

Apply to the minor 

  • To apply for this minor, you must be a minimum sophomore standing.
  • Have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA in all work applicable to your degree.
  • Have achieved a minimum “C-” in WST/SOC 2350 “Introduction to Women’s Studies.”
  • Apply to this minor using the online Major or Minor application form.
  • You must complete the minor requirements in effect when you are admitted to the minor.