Professional Studies

The Professional Studies program is designed for students transferring to Seattle Pacific University with the Associate of Applied Sciences-Transfer degree from a Washington state community or technical college. However, students completing a different technical or professional degree from a Washington state two-year school are eligible to apply for the program once they have completed at least 20 credits of liberal arts coursework with a 2.5 minimum GPA in those courses.

Professional Studies (BA)

When you are admitted into SPU as a participant in the Professional Studies Program, you are also admitted to the Professional Studies major. Essentially, your program at the community or technical college is your major area of study, and this program allows you to receive a bachelor’s degree by completing liberal arts requirements and a minor. No more than 90 credits from your community or technical college are transferred into this program.

If you are admitted to the Professional Studies major, in order to earn a degree you must:

  • Complete at least 10 credits in University Foundations (UFDN) coursework (15 credits if you are enter SPU with fewer than 90 credits).
  • Complete 5-8 credits in "W" coursework.
  • Complete all General Education requirements.
  • Be accepted into and complete an academic minor.
  • Earn enough college-level credits at SPU to reach l80 credits total, including a minimum 60 upper-division (UD) credits.

If you decide to pursue a major other than the professional studies major, you will leave the Professional Studies Program, and your transfer credits will be re-evaluated on a course by course basis. This will likely result in a loss of transfer credit, since many professional and technical courses accepted for the Professional Studies Program would not normally transfer.

General Education requirements

As a participant in the Professional Studies Program, you complete an alternative general education curriculum, called the Curriculum for Special Programs. Details about that general education program are found here.

Apply to the minor

You will be admitted to Seattle Pacific University and the Professional Studies major simultaneously. However, you must be formally admitted to a minor and complete all minor requirements. 

    Minor requirements are listed within each specific discipline in this Undergraduate Catalog.  You may apply for your minor through the Banner Information System.