Non-Matriculated Students

A student who is not seeking a degree at Seattle Pacific, but who wishes to take courses may be able to do so as a non-matriculated student. Below are policy issues surrounding this type of student status:

  • There is no application fee to become non-matriculated.
  • The maximum credit load per quarter is 18 credits.
  • No more than 45 credits taken as a non-matriculated student may apply toward an undergraduate degree.
  • No more than 15 such credits may be applied to a post-baccalaureate degree.
  • If a student decides to pursue a degree or certificate program at SPU, he or she is required to go through the normal admissions process.

To register as a non-matriculated student, complete the Registration Form for Non-Matriculated Students (PDF) and submit to Student Academic Services (SAS) to be processed.

This form asks for directory information, the student’s social security number, date of birth, requested courses and the student’s signature. It is important to indicate all current contact information so that the student may receive information from SPU departments. The University will review the completed form to determine whether the individual will be permitted to take courses as a non-matriculated student.

Course offerings can be found in the Time Schedule. Students should note that some courses may not be available to non-matriculated students and/or that some courses may have registration restrictions attached. In either case, the student would need to request special permission from the appropriate department.

One disadvantage for non-matriculated students is that registration does not begin until all matriculated students have had a chance to register. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates for each quarter. For Autumn Quarter, non-matriculated students can begin registering on September 1 or the first business day in September.

Other things to consider

  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible to receive financial aid and will pay regular tuition for courses on a per-credit basis.
  • Veterans may not be able to receive benefits through the G.I. Bill.
  • Non-matriculated students may not be allowed to take the same course more than once.
  • Non-matriculated students must comply with all of the expectations, policies and procedures applicable to matriculated undergraduate students.
  • Non-matriculated students are not eligible to participate in clubs or student government organizations.
  • Non-matriculated international students who are non-native English speakers* are required to submit an acceptable official English proficiency test score to International Student Services and Student Academic Services, in additional to other required documentation related to non-immigrant status, and must pay for their courses at the point of registration.

*SPU considers an international student to be a native English speaker if both their primary and secondary education took place in Australia, Canada (other than Quebec), Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, or the U.S. (other than Puerto Rico).