Visit/Transfer Programs

You can register for the following programs through SPU agreements. If you’re interested in one of these programs, you will meet with the designated contact at SPU, but will register for classes through the institution you visit.

Consortium visitor program

You may elect to attend one of the other 12 Christian College Consortium schools on a visitor basis for one or two quarters on the Student Visitor Program. In addition to SPU, Consortium schools include:

  • Asbury College
  • Bethel College (St. Paul)
  • George Fox University
  • Gordon College
  • Greenville College
  • Malone College
  • Messiah College
  • Taylor University
  • Trinity International University
  • Westmont College
  • Wheaton College
  • Houghton College

You are eligible for this program if you have completed one year in residence at SPU and are in good academic standing. The deadline for Autumn Quarter is March 1; the deadline for either Winter Quarter or Spring Quarter is October 1. You will file your application through Student Academic Services.

Contact Student Academic Services or the Christian College Consortium for more information.

Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising  program

You have an option of pursuing a concentrated year of training in interior design by participating in the liaison program with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

  • Seek advisement early in your academic career from faculty in the Family and Consumer Sciences Department in order to meet the requirements of both FIDM and SPU, if you are considering this option.
  • Apply during your junior year and attend during your senior year, if you elect to participate in the FIDM liaison program.

Fashion Institute of Technology program

If you are in the textiles and clothing program, have major status, and have maintained a satisfactory grade-point average, you may select from nine additional specializations if you are accepted into the liaison program with the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City.

  • If you choose the FIT option, you must be accepted into the major and work closely with your faculty advisor in selecting courses that best prepare you for your chosen major.
  • Specializations offered through the FIT liaison program include accessories design; advertising and communication; advertising design; manufacturing management; fashion design; fashion buying and merchandising; jewelry design; textile/surface design; and textile development and marketing.

SPU students in Paris on study abroad

Take off on a study abroad

Take advantage of intercultural opportunities by joining a study abroad program.