Programs offered
  • History (major, minor, and track)

The History major and minor programs at SPU seeks a balanced understanding of world cultures, exploring the roots and development of Western civilization in the ancient and medieval periods, tracing the interaction between the West and the rest of the world, and probing more deeply into American, European, and non-Western history. Along the way, you are able to trace the impact of Christianity in both Western and non-Western settings.

History (BA)

The History major emphasizes humanity’s common heritage and shared future, and challenges you to ask how a Christian worldview can help us understand the sweep of human events, the variety of human cultures, and the influence of heritage on identity. The Museum Studies Track supplements the History major core with coursework that helps you prepare for graduate study and employment in the vigorous and innovative field of museum studies and public history.

  • A minimum of 56-62 credits are required for this major, including 26 upper-division credits.
  • You are encouraged to consider special programs, both on and off campus.
  • You are encouraged to complement a History major with a second major such as Political Science.
  • Work closely with your faculty advisor in selecting additional supporting courses tailored to your career goals.
  • Internships and other off-campus study opportunities provide you with practical skills and rich experiences in this major.
  • If you intend to enter graduate study, you should acquire a reading mastery of a foreign language.

History minor


  • A minimum 30 credits are required for the Asian Studies minor, including 15 upper-division credits.
  • A minimum 30 credits are required for the History minor, including 15 upper-division credits.
  • Core coursework in Asian Studies includes courses in history, languages, and cultures of Asia; electives include courses in art, business, literature, music, political science, and more.
  • The History minor is encouraged as a complement to related majors such as Political Science, Sociology, etc.

Future teachers

Certification with elementary education endorsement

  • If you plan to teach in an elementary school and are interested in history, you must major in the Integrated Studies major with a concentration in the Social Sciences.
  • The concentration consists of courses in history, political science, and geography.
  • You can apply to this major (PDF) through the History Department advisor for the Social Sciences Concentration, Dr. Donald Holsinger (dholsing@spu.edu).
  • Further information about the Elementary Certification Program is available in the School of Education.

Certification with secondary education endorsement

If you plan to obtain secondary Residency Teacher Certification with endorsement in History, you should pursue a BA in History, and include the course “History of the Northwest” HIS 3600. You must also complete requirements for a Secondary Education Endorsement through the School of Education.

If you plan to become a teacher, visit the School of Education for complete information.

History Department

Visit the History Department website to see how a degree from this department can help you achieve your goals and make a difference in the world.

Time Schedule: History

Course planning

Suggested course sequences help you complete your degree in a timely manner.

Study history while studying abroad

Consider spending a quarter or semester in Western Europe, Russia, Costa Rica, Egypt, China, or Kenya. Or study public policy in Washington, D.C. For details, consult a history faculty member or visit SPU’s Global Education: Study Abroad.