University Foundation Requirements

SPU considers the University Foundations requirements to be at the heart of its approach to higher education. Therefore, each transfer student is expected to complete these requirements at SPU. Transfer students with junior or senior standing upon admission will complete 10 credits in Foundation studies with 5 credits in UFDN 3001 “Christian Scriptures” followed by 5 credits in UFDN 3100 “Christian Theology.” (If you have just completed the DTA associate degree through the Running Start Program, you are expected to complete at least one quarter at SPU before enrolling in UFDN 3001.) Each transfer student with freshman or sophomore standing upon admission will complete the full 15-credit requirement by completing UFDN 1000 Christian Faith, UFDN 2000 Christian Scriptures and UFDN 3100 Christian Theology.

If you have taken Bible or theology courses at a member institution of the Christian College Consortium, up to 10 credits may be accepted toward the fulfillment of the University Foundations requirement. Transfer of credit toward Foundation requirements from any other regionally accredited Christian college or ABHE-accredited Bible school may be granted only by petition process. Credits from schools that are not regionally accredited or ABHE accredited may not fulfill University Foundations requirements.

Note: In all cases, students must complete at least 5 credits of coursework in the School of Theology (UFDN or THEO discipline) at Seattle Pacific University. (THEO 3100 “Community Bible Study” may not be used to fulfill this requirement.)