Dual-Enrolled Students

Washington State Running Start and College in the High School Programs

If you completed college-level coursework under Washington state’s Running Start Program or College in the High School, you will be awarded transfer credit, up to a maximum of 90 credits. You should follow the same admission procedures for students entering directly from high school, plus submit an official community college transcript.

The transfer courses must be described in the catalog of an accredited Washington state community college and must be posted on your official college transcript. At the time of your application, if you have not completed any college-level credit after your high school graduation, you should apply as a freshman applicant, and you will be considered for freshmen scholarships.

If you plan to complete an associate degree before you finish high school, you can find out about how the degree will transfer here. Note that all 2016 high school graduates admitted to SPU fall quarter 2016 are required to take the 1-credit UCOL 1000 University Colloquium class.

Early Admission

Qualified students may enroll at SPU prior to completing all required units in high school. Only those students highly recommended for Early Admission will be considered. Such students should rank among the top students in their class and have high SAT/ACT scores.

Requirements include evidence of completion of junior year in high school, outstanding high school record and test scores, and a letter of recommendation from the high school principal approving early college admission and concurrent high school completion. Evidence of high school completion (high school transcript with graduation date or GED) is required in order to receive financial aid. Contact Undergraduate Admissions for details.

SPU students on campus

Undergraduate Admissions

Do you have questions about admission to SPU — or want to visit campus? Contact Undergraduate Admissions at 800-366-3344 or admissions@spu.edu.