Academic Advising

One of the primary factors contributing to a successful academic experience is the positive relationship built between students and faculty. Faculty advisors reach out to students to assist them through the University system and to enable them to fulfill their educational goals. Students have the responsibility of seeking out their faculty advisor for assistance in clarifying goals, exploring areas of interest, and selecting classes each quarter.

Although Seattle Pacific University makes every effort to assist students through the academic advising system, the final responsibility for meeting all academic and graduation requirements rests with each individual student.

Assignment of faculty advisors

All new undergraduate students are assigned a faculty advisor early in their first quarter at SPU.

After their first quarter of attendance, students may request a change in advisor. Students can change their advisor in Banner under “Student Menu/Your Faculty Advisor.”

Advisor approvals for registration

To obtain guidance in the timely completion of a bachelor’s degree, undergraduate students who have not been accepted into a major are required to see a faculty advisor each quarter to receive permission to register.

  • First-year students are encouraged to apply for a major no later than April of their sophomore year, or as soon as they are eligible based on that major’s admission policies and procedures.
  • Transfer students who enter as juniors or seniors should apply to a major as soon as they are eligible based on that major's admission policies and procedures.

Once you have been accepted into a major, you are encouraged to continue to meet with your faculty advisor on a consistent basis. You must have a faculty advisor for each major and minor you are pursing.

Undergraduate academic counselors

Every student is assigned an academic counselor in Student Academic Services who follows the student’s progress from admission through graduation.

The undergraduate academic counselors assist students and provide support for faculty by planning and facilitating New Student Advising for incoming students; evaluating transcripts for transfer students; giving pre-approval for study abroad or at other U.S. institutions; completing graduation checklists; and awarding honors and degrees. The academic counselors are also responsible for assisting students on academic probation.