Employer Reimbursement and Third-Party Billing

If your tuition is reimbursed by your employer or a third party (i.g., an embassy or government agency), you may be eligible for the Employer Reimbursement or Third-Party Billing Program.

  • Documentation confirming enrollment in an employer reimbursement program is required annually and allows approved student account charges to be deferred up to approximately 30 days after the quarter ends.
  • If a third party is involved, the University will bill the third party directly, provided SFS has received the appropriate documents, such as a purchase order, official authorization, etc.
  • All other account charges will be due when billed.

If you participate in the Boeing Tuition Voucher program, your eligibility is subject to approval by the Boeing Company.

  • Until SFS receives an approved voucher from the Boeing Company for participation in its Third-Party Billing Program, you will receive monthly account statements and be responsible for all charges.
  • Once the process has been completed, the Boeing-approved charges will be paid on your student account.
  • You will continue to receive monthly statements if you incur charges not covered by Boeing.
  • For more information about this program, contact Student Financial Services at sfs-info@spu.edu or 206-281-2061.