Credit by Examination

Currently enrolled matriculated students may take special examinations in approved academic subject matter offered by Seattle Pacific University to gain credit without being enrolled in specific courses. The procedures for obtaining permission and filling the request are to be obtained in SAS. The following limitations pertain to credit by examination:

  • You must be admitted to SPU and enrolled for the current quarter. 
  • You may receive credit by examination for any coursework that has been completed following high school graduation for which you have no formal record.
  • You may be tutored by a private instructor and challenge a course for credit by examination.
  • You may not take credit by examination for a course in which you have been registered for credit at SPU and received a D, E, N, NC, G, Audit, or I grade.
  • Within a given program, you may not receive credit by examination in subject matter more elementary, as determined by the dean of the school, than that for which credit has been received previously.
  • You may not repeat an examination for credit.
  • You are entitled to only one consultation with the professor administering the test.
  • You must pay for all special exam fees prior to scheduling and taking the exam.