Reservation Priority

Reservation priority at SPU facilities is determined for both SPU and non-SPU events by definition and date. Here’s how it works.

SPU Conference Services client meeting

SPU Events

SPU events are defined by two categories — “Main Events” and “Other Events.” They are co-curricular, educational, and social programs that enhance and promote the University’s academic and community environment. Main events are given priority during the autumn, winter, and spring academic quarters.

Main events are reoccurring events that support the broader SPU mission, as determined by the President’s Cabinet.

  • Examples: Homecoming, Group, Faculty Dinner, Board of Trustees meetings.

Other events are those that fit into the broader description of SPU events; they are primarily designed for, and attended by, SPU students, faculty, staff, and their guests; and/or, they are primarily funded by SPU dollars.

  • These events are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis after SPU main events are scheduled.

Non-SPU-related events are those requested by nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations [501c3]. These programs are primarily designed for and attended by people not related to SPU, and are primarily funded through non-SPU dollars.

  • Non-SPU-related events are given priority during both the Summer Sessions and quarter breaks.
  • All non-SPU-related events are scheduled, contracted, and coordinated through the Conference Services office.

Contact Conference Services for more information.

Request for space

Interested in reserving facilities on the SPU campus for your outside group? Here’s your first step:

ADA access?

You’ll find ADA-approved handicapped parking in the Demaray parking lot. Access Gwinn Commons through the Ames Library back entrance, through the Library to Martin Square, and then up the Gwinn Commons elevator to the third floor.