Professional Dress and Etiquette

Good business dress and etiquette give you a competitive edge in job searches and on the job. “Social, presentation, and communication skills are the keys to personal and professional success,” says business etiquette guru Mary Mitchell, who frequently speaks at CCC events.

Dressing for an Interview

How can you develop good people skills and professional poise? How do you dress for success? How do you navigate the world of professional etiquette when what was good form 10 years ago might not be today, and what is expected in Seattle might not be acceptable in Tokyo — or even in Los Angeles? We can help.

Dressing for Success

Professional Dress for Men and Women
SPU Professor of Clothing and Textiles Dr. Raedene Copelend frequently presents at CCC events and workshops, and has prepared this handout (PDF) with clear guidelines on proper professional attire.

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Dressing for Interview Success has great information on dressing for interviews.

Interview Attire and Tips

  • Dress conservatively, regardless of what might be acceptable once you’ve been hired.
  • Your clothing should fit well, and be clean and pressed. Always err on the side of overdressed and conservative. If it’s too tight, too loose, too short, or at all revealing — don’t wear it! If in doubt, wear a suit.
  • Go easy on jewelry, perfume/aftershave, and makeup.
  • Cover up tattoos, and remove nose rings, lip rings, and more than one pair of earrings.
  • Need a breath mint? Be sure to check before you arrive. (Don’t chew gum!)
  • Bring a portfolio or briefcase, a pad, a pen, and extra copies of your résumé.

Professional Etiquette

Etiquette Scholar
A gold mine of etiquette information, including business and international dining etiquette.

Culture and Manners Institute
The Culture and Manners Institute website sheds light on business etiquette, social etiquette, and cultural etiquette, and features an “Etiquette Tip of the Week.”

The Mitchell Organization Mary Mitchell is a frequent professional etiquette speaker at CCC events.

Etiquette dinner
Etiquette Dinner

Etiquette Dinner

At this annual event you’ll learn the skills you need to be prepared and comfortable in a variety of social and professional situations.

Professional Associations

Why Professional Associations Matter

Professional associations are an excellent resource for career exploration when you are starting out, and for networking as you grow in your new profession.

Giselle Gonzales

Giselle’s Story

Giselle Gonzales received a $1,000 SERVE grant for her internship to Slovenia with Josiah Venture. She has since obtained passport stamps from all over the world.