Choose a Major

You might think choosing a major means choosing a career for the rest of your life. If so, you’re in good company, but you’ve bought into a common major myth. Choosing a major and choosing a career are not the same thing!

Perhaps you’ve arrived at SPU and you don’t have any idea which major to choose. That’s OK! Or perhaps you’re leaning toward a particular major based on advice from your parents or friends, or your grades in high school, or careers you’re familiar with.

But college is very different from high school, and there are likely many majors and hundreds of careers you’ve never heard of. So keep an open mind and explore several possibilities!


What’s Important to Employers

Employers are more interested in the transferable skills you bring to the job than in your major. The experience and skills you gain from earning a university degree (with any major), as well as through extracurricular experiences, internships, and part-time jobs, transfer well into the workplace — or into graduate school.

Remember, your choice of major is important, but your major does not determine the course of your life. So choose a major based on what you would be excited about learning — you’ll thank yourself each time midterms and finals come around!


Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you enjoy learning?
  • Which academic activities tend to bring out your best work?
  • How do you most like to spend your free time?
  • What activities seem most rewarding to you?

Choosing a major based on your answers to these questions will likely lead to success and personal satisfaction in college and in your career — even if, in the long run, your career has no direct relation to your major.

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Introducing Pathway U!

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Steps to Choosing a Major

From reflecting on your calling to understanding the academic requirements of majors that interest you, follow these steps to choosing your major.


All About Networking

Networking is a powerful way to learn about careers, employers, and opportunities. Statistics show that about 80 percent of all jobs are hired via networking. Check out “Networking” (PPT).

CCC Classes

Students: Take a CCC Class

The Center for Career and Calling offers five career classes several times each year to help you navigate your career path.