Senior Honors Projects

University Scholars’ senior honors projects represent advanced work in their individual majors and engage in reflections on their faith and learning. These are the projects of the 2018 University Scholars.

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Clarissa Aaron — A Story of Feminine Sacrifice: The Music, Text and Biographical Connections in Amy Beach's Concert Aria Jephthah's Daughter

Brevin Anderson — Domestic Economic Freedom and Regional Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa

JJ Ayling — Presidential Selection: A Difference in Opinion Between the Founding Fathers and Woodrow Wilson

Kathryn Butterworth — I've Got Hot Sauce in My Bag: Understanding Black Feminism Through the Lens of Beyoncé's Pop Culture Performance

Alexis Collins — The "Perfect Parent" Campaign's Failure: Applying a Job Market Model for Successful Foster Family Recruitment and Retention

Donley Cormode — Granular Convection and Crystallization of a Two-Dimensional Granular Medium

Alex Donka  — Western Washington Elk Hunting: Analyzing Willingness to Pay and Local Economic Benefits

Luke Farquhar — "Our shouts echoed in the silent street": Paralysis, Symbol, and Implication in James Joyce's Araby

Miles Flett — The Impact We Can Make Through Investment: Securing Financial Freedom by Serving Others

Savannah Hadley — Voices from Verse: The Power of Poetry for Seattle's Homeless Youth 

Elisha Hamlin — Iago the Moon Killer: The Geo-political Context Behind Shakespeare's Othello

Lillian Hollar — Understanding Humor in Female Leadership

Liz Knodel — Statistical Analysis of Non-Covalent Interactions and Their Effects on IR Spectroscopy and RNA Secondary Structures

Maryta Kaber Lewis — Nationalism and Attitudes Towards Immigration: A Comparison on Ethnic and Civic Nationalism and the Impact on Attitudes Towards Immigrants

Hannah Martin — “Where Woman Is Her Center:” Interrogating Morality and Spatiality in the Works of Joan Didion

Claire Moore — Open Space, Thin Blankets, and Snores: An Examination of Sleep in Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness

Annesley Moore-Jumonville — Sigrid Undset’s Sacramental Realism: The Body in Kristin Lavransdatter

Jack O'Hara — Design of the Split-Spinach Aptamer

Rebecca Sakai — Caring for Inmates with Mental Illness: What Can Nurses Do?

Mark Steinke — Wind Turbine Design: Analysis and Experimentation of Electro-Magnetic Alternator Design

Ashley Stephens — Globalization, Conflict, and the Effects of Front-Loading: An Empirical Analysis 

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University Scholars

UScholar’s First Novel Published

The Last Burning of New London, a science fiction novel by UScholar Danielle Myers ’14, was published by RainTown Press while she was still an undergraduate.

University Scholars

UScholar Hired After Successful Internship

As an intern for the Smith Richards Group, UScholar Haley Hill ’14 so impressed her mentors that they hired her as a paraplanner.