UFDN 1000: "Christian Faith"

UFDN 1000: "Christian Faith" is taken in either your freshman or your sophomore year of study. This course introduces you to the processes and practices of Christian formation, as reflected throughout the history of the Christian church.

Christian life is formed by distinctive beliefs, practices, attitudes, and virtues. Every student, regardless of religious background, will engage texts, written and nonwritten, ancient and modern, that foster these characteristics of the Christian life.

Topics studied in UFDN 1000: "Christian Faith" include:

Christian Behavior. One behavior examined in UFDN 1000 is Christian worship. Students are required to visit and report on worship services of various Christian traditions. Through this assignment, you come to understand how patterns of worship developed throughout history, including the liturgies they observe.

The goal is to encourage you and other students toward a more thoughtful perspective on worship, one which connects worship practices with scriptural guidance and careful attention to the liturgy’s purpose and effect.

Christian Belief. The School of Theology faculty members use the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed as touchstones for analysis of basic Christian beliefs. These creeds have wide acceptance within the Christian church, as they identify core convictions of the Christian faith.

The goal of teaching this material is threefold:

  • You are taught to think more deeply and carefully about the claims made in these creeds.
  • You will come to understand how and why the church engages in theological reflection, and how it will invite historical understanding of the development of Christian doctrine.
  • You will begin to understand that theology is both an object of belief and a way of believing.

Christian Affection. Christian formation includes head, hand, and heart — what one ancient writer called ordo amoris, or orderly affections.

Different strands of the Christian tradition highlight various spiritual disciplines for the proper ordering of the affections. UFDN 1000 examines the value of varied practices in forming a faithful life.

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Rublev Trinity
“The possibility of imagining discipleship in a racial world must begin with Jesus. To imagine a life of discipleship, a way of being in the world that disrupts racial logic and formation, the church must begin to look anew at the center of our faith.”
Brian Bantum, SPU Assistant Professor of Theology,
Redeeming Mulatto: A Theology of Race and Christian Hybridity, p. 87