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An internship is a planned, structured, supervised work experience that integrates practical experience in the workplace with reflection, research, and other academic work. Internships are opportunities for you to “try on” and explore various career options while developing psychology-specific skills.

Finding a psychology internship requires more than just searching an online job board. Start the process early and apply yourself in order to have an internship experience that will complement your studies, be rewarding, and perhaps even launch your career. Here are some steps you can take:

  • Pick up the current list of internship sites from Dr. Marcia Webb, director of internships, or see the list linked at the bottom of the Learning Contract page.
  • Obtain a learning contract from the director of psychology internships. Psychology internships have their own learning contracts, which are different from other internship contracts on campus. You will need to work with your on-site supervisor to complete your learning contract, so that you can participate in designing your internship experience. (Note: The final draft of this contract will be signed by you, Dr. Webb, and your on-site supervisor.)
  • If you have contacted several internship sites but are having difficulty securing an internship, you may want to schedule an appointment with a career counselor in the Center for Career and Calling.

After you find an internship site:

  • Meet with your supervisor to discuss your duties and create an appropriate job title. Fill out the learning contract with your supervisor and ask him or her to sign it.
  • Make an appointment with Dr. Webb, and bring a final draft of your learning contract to your appointment.
  • Once Dr. Webb has approved and signed your contract, you may bring your contract to Student Academic Services. They will help you register for PSY 4940, “Internship in Psychology.”
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