Professional Training Seminars

Professional training seminars offered by the Medical Family Therapy program provide health and mental health professionals with the latest information on specialized topics.


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All faculty members in the School of Psychology, Family, and Community are active in scholarship, research, and writing. 

Claudia Grauf-Grounds

Why I Teach at SPU

Claudia Grauf-Grounds, Emerita Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

“I thrive when teaching. Watching the eyes of students light up, or hearing a small group eagerly engage in a task assignment (an amazing feat for school-hardened graduate students) still makes my day. I felt the calling to teach graduate students quite clearly while attending Fuller Theological Seminary. My strengths in teaching stem from my ability to integrate ideas, communicate clearly, organize my lessons, creatively assign projects, model what I am teaching, and remember how it was for me to learn things for the first time. As referenced by Parker Palmer, We Teach Who We Are (Palmer, 1998).”