Student Facts

MFT Students

Admissions statistics

Information based on 2015–16 academic year.

Application statistics

  • Completed applications received: 75
  • Students offered interviews: 69
  • Students enrolled: 31
  • Average GPA: 3.54

Average Standardized Test Scores

  • GRE score: 304 (combined verbal and quantitative)
  • MAT score: 408

Program statistics

Information based on content related to COAMFTE Standards 12 (PDF).

Graduation Statistics

Of surveyed alumni graduated between 2004 and 2013:

Number of years students took to complete program:

  • Two years: 61 percent
  • Three years: 37 percent
  • Four years: 2 percent
  • 75.9 percent of graduates are currently employed in a MFT-related job.
  • For those working 35+ hours per week, 88.9 percent earn a yearly salary of $30,000–$60,000 in an MFT-related field.
  • 79 percent planned to pursue state licensure.

Time from graduation to MFT job

  • Immediately: 49 percent
  • 1–3 months: 20 percent
  • 6–12 months: 10 percent
  • Other: 21 percent

Student achievement criteria data

See how our student achievement data, including graduation rates, exam pass rates, and licensure rates, compares with the data from other COAMFTE-accredited programs.

Kara Bazzi

Kara Bazzi’s Story

“As an undergraduate at the University of Washington, I decided to embark on a mission trip to Jerusalem to work in a rehabilitation center for children. As a pre-medicine student, I was expecting the trip to draw me toward the children’s physical ailments, but instead it clarified my passion for psychology.”

Why I Teach at SPU

Tina Schermer-Sellers, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy

“I teach at SPU because it is a place that values nurturing the whole person. It recognizes students come to us with a collective history, nested in relationships, filled hopes, dreams, and visions for their life. As an associate professor I am encouraged to do more than impart knowledge. I am encouraged to mentor, listen, shape, and nourish people on their path of passion and calling. It is sacred work, and I love how my life has been made rich in the process.”