MFT Alumni

Our MFT alumni often stay active in the program after graduation — through mentoring, guest lecturing, assisting with academic and career events, and more. Also, because our graduates are highly regarded throughout the region, we regularly receive notices of job openings.

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MFT Alumni Association

Our SPU MFT Alumni Association has been started recently, and through this organization we hope to enhance services to our alumni. We invite you to join in.

Professional organizations

Jobs and classifieds

Send information on jobs, office space, or other services available to Information will be forwarded to the alumni list.

Professional training through the Medical Family Therapy training program

SPU’s Medical Family Therapy training program was the first in the U.S. to focus on the interplay of all components of a person’s life and health — the biomedical, psychological, relational, and spiritual.

Medical family therapy training seminars are available to you as MFT alumni. In these affordable one-day seminars, SPU opens up its expertise in this specialized area to the broader community of health and mental health professionals. Each seminar also gives you 5 hours of CEU credit.

  • Convenient. Seminars are offered one Friday a month.
  • Relevant. Get access to practical tips and the latest information covering a range of topics.
  • Connected. Network with professionals who handle family therapy with medical issues.
  • Distinctive. Seattle is one of two cities on the West Coast with specialized training in medical family therapy.

Register today for this opportunity to enhance your skills, knowledge, and work experience.