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Students in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology master’s and doctoral programs come to SPU because they have a vision for changing the world of work. We are committed to helping you become a scholar-leader and an instrument of change through research, character development, and practice.


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Research: Scientific evidence for what could be.

You gain the knowledge and skills to make evidence-based decisions in organizations, and learn to conduct, evaluate, and measure research. Knowledge of core theoretical models and their application is the foundation for our training.

Character: The imprint of past experiences and relationships.

You learn to demonstrate awareness of self and others, as well as discernment, responsibility, and self-regulation. You’ll take responsibility for your own contributions, both good and bad. And you won’t just focus on your strengths, but also learn to offer and receive grace.

Practice: The integration of what you know and who you are.

You learn to apply research, self-knowledge, and character to real-time work with organizations. You gain the foundation to learn and lead at the next level, applying evidence-based theory and strategies to the change efforts of organizations you’ll serve.

You: The instrument of change.

You learn to work with and present to real-world clients, even as you come to understand how your own strengths and weaknesses impact your ability to bring about individual, team, and organizational transformation.

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