Training and Research

SPU’s APA-accredited doctoral program in clinical psychology provides training in professional psychology in accordance with the local clinical scientist (LCS) model of doctoral education.

Training: Scientist Practitioner and Local Clinical Scientist Model

Under the LCS model, research and practice are not separate domains. Rather, they are integrated so that practice informs research questions, and research informs the practice of clinical psychology (Stricker, 1997, 2000); Trierweiler & Stricker, 1998).

Described in "The local clinical scientist: A bridge between science and practice" (American Psychologist, Stricker & Trierweiler, 1995) the LCS model extends the scientific and professional ideals in the original Boulder Scientist-Practitioner model of clinical psychology (Raimy, 1950).

Find out more about our clinical psychology training, including involvement with practicum, faculty clinical consult groups, and internships.

Note: You will be regularly evaluated with regard to your personal and interpersonal suitability for clinical competency and professional. Review our evaluation standards (PDF).

Research: Scientist Practitioner and LCS Model

Local clinical scientists think like researchers in the practice of psychology and value the use of evidence-based treatment. To this end, our doctoral students are encouraged to produce, consume, and utilize research throughout their doctoral training and beyond into their professional practice.

Our goal is to facilitate your research skills and positive attitude toward research so that you will continue to view research as an integral part of professional psychology.

Learn about your three major research-oriented opportunities in the doctoral program:

  • Research methods and statistics courses
  • Research vertical teams (RVT) participation
  • Preparation and defense of a doctoral dissertation

Research and Teaching Labs

Graduate and undergraduate students have a chance to work with SPU professors in ongoing, real-world research.

IIIDD — A unique Initiative

The Initiative for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities enhances lives and families, looking at the issues from a holistic perspective.