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Mícheál Roe

​Mícheál D. Roe

Professor Emeritus of Psychology


Education: BA, Revelle College, University of California San Diego, 1973; MEd, University of Washington, 1975; PhD, University of Washington, 1981. At SPU since 1988.

Dr. ​Mícheál Roe is a developmental psychologist with anthropological training. He has particular interests in the interface of life span human development and social justice concerns worldwide. A past SPU Professor of the Year, his teaching areas have been primarily in developmental and research psychology (e.g., child development, adulthood, statistics, research methods).

He came to SPU after teaching at Bethel University in St. Paul for 11 years, and he has enjoyed an ongoing research association with the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland for over two decades. At SPU, he served as the Psychology Department chair for 16 years and as the dean of the School of Psychology, Family, and Community for 12 years.

Dr. Roe is a husband, father, and grandfather in a multi-generational, multi-cultural, and blended family. He identifies with the “Peace Church” tradition and has been an active member of Seattle Mennonite Church since the late 1980s. 

​Selected publications

Roe, M.D., Barrett, M., Bar-Tal, D, Bretherton, D., Dawes, A., Gallagher, E., Giles, M.L., Hakvoort, I., Hamber, B., Moeschberger, S.L., Montiel, C.J., Muldoon, O.T., Salomon, G., Trew, K., & Wessells, M. (2014). Professor Ed Cairns: A personal and professional biography. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 20(1), 3–12.

Roe, M.D., Schaafsma, T., & Gutierrez, J. (2009). Meanings, functions, maintenance and reproduction of present-day Scotch-Irish social identities: The role of symbolic ethnicity. Journal of Scotch-Irish Studies, 3(1), 1–28.

Roe, M. (2007). Inter-group forgiveness in settings of political violence: Complexities, ambiguities, and potentialities. Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, 13(1), 3–9.

Roe, M.D. (2003). Cowlitz Indian ethnic identity, social memories, and 150 years of conflict with the United States government. In E. Cairns & M. D. Roe (eds.), The Role of memory in ethnic conflict (pp. 55–74). London: Palgrave/MacMillan.

Roe, M.D. (2002). Contemporary Catholic and Protestant Irish America: Social Identities, Forgiveness, and Attitudes toward The Troubles of Northern Ireland. Eire-Ireland, 37(1 & 2), 153–174.

Please view Dr. Roe’s CV (PDF) for additional publications. 

Mícheál Roe

Why I Teach at SPU

Mícheál Roe, Professor of Psychology

“I teach at SPU because I delight in rigorous learning and sharing that delight with students, both undergraduate and graduate; because of its high priority for faculty-student mentoring relationships, providing deep, rich, and fulfilling encounters; and because it is a university that permits great freedom in the classroom and in scholarship to explore ‘ultimate’ questions about God’s purpose and calling for our lives.”