The bachelor of science degree with a major in Nursing is an upper-division major that builds on the SPU liberal arts foundation, and prepares you to assume entry-level practice and leadership roles in a variety of acute care and community settings.

SPU’s Nursing major offers a rigorous program of study, with a curriculum that will challenge you to strive for excellence in the classroom and clinical settings. The program:

  • Emphasizes both health promotion and illness care
  • Fosters the development of critical thinking, ethical thought and action, judgment, collaboration, and caring
  • Integrates the Christian faith with scientific knowledge and clinical expertise
  • Works with patients as whole beings, considering their mind, body, spirit, and surrounding environment
  • Seeks to graduate people of competence, character, and caring

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Nursing Skills Lab

Most undergraduate students entering Seattle Pacific University during the 2018-19 academic year follow the standard general education curriculum to complete their undergraduate degrees. Requirements include completion of Foreign Language Competency, Common, and Exploratory requirements. Refer to your graduation checklist to ensure that you’re taking the required courses and credits you need to earn your degree in a timely manner.

Nursing Program Mission and Learning Outcomes

Find out about this program's Mission and Learning Outcomes in the Undergraduate Catalog.    

Undergraduate nursing student in class

Course Offerings

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Giselle Tayal

Giselle Tayal’s Story

“When I was a child, I spent most of my days in and out of the hospital being sick with malaria. My mother received basic training from the Red Cross that taught her how to care for my siblings and me when we were sick. Her care, combined with that of medical personnel, set an example and inspired me to pursue a career in nursing.”