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Nurse Educator Certificate Program

If you’re a master’s-prepared registered nurse who wants to further your professional development or expand your career opportunities, you can pursue specialty certification with a Post-Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate.

Post-Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate

If you are committed to advancing the nursing profession, clinical staff development, and educating the next generation of nurses in colleges and universities, the Post-Master’s Nurse Educator Certificate is right for you. This certificate will prepare you to develop, implement, and evaluate coursework and curricula for a variety of settings. You’ll also learn to assess, educate, and generate clinical education programs for hospital, clinic, or university settings. Coursework and clinical experiences provide individualized learning to enhance your skills.

If you have already earned a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing, you can enroll in this certificate program. You must have a current nursing license and at least 12 months’ experience as a registered nurse, and have satisfactorily completed a 5 quarter credit statistics course with a grade of 2.0 or better.

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Certificate courses and requirements

You’ll be required to take up to 32 credits to earn this certification. Completion takes seven quarters as a full-time student.

Review the Post-Master's Nurse Educator Certificate courses and requirements. A gap analysis will be performed after you are admitted and an individual curriculum plan will be written.

Zainab Gaal-Weber

Zainab Gaal-Weber’s Story

“When I was 13 years old, I was seriously hurt in Somalia and a nurse from Doctors Without Borders helped me. Because she was able to recognize the seriousness of my condition, she saved my life. Ever since then, I have wanted to become a nurse.”