Continuing Education Certificate in Faith and Business


The Continuing Education Certificate in Faith and Business is comprised of these courses:

THEO 6952                     Theology of Business (2)
THEO 6952                     Spiritual Capital (2)
THEO 6952                     Entrepreneurship as Mission (2)
BCE 0001/ BUS 5312     Business and Stewardship for Sustainability  (3)
BCE 0002/ BUS 5313     Business as Community of Work  (3)
BCE 0003/ BUS 5314     Business and Global Poverty  (3)
BCE 0004/ BUS 5910     Spirituality in Management  (1-3)

The certificate will be awarded to those who receive at least a B in 12 credits from the list of 5xxx-level or 6xxx-level courses.  (Up to nine 5xxx-level credits from the certificate may be applied toward SBGE graduate programs for anyone who subsequently matriculates.)  

COSTS and REGISTRATION:  Upcoming BCE 000X and BUS 5XXX courses will be listed on our Continuing Professional Education page, and will include convenient online registration.  Our refund policy for these classes allows for a full refund if the course is dropped at least one week before the first day of the class.

The 0xxx-level courses are for personal enrichment or continuing education units and do not require submitting assignments for grading. The 5xxx and 6xxx level courses are for the certificate and do require submitting assignments for grades.