Criminal Justice (BA)

Majoring in Criminal Justice prepares you to examine policing, courts, and corrections, and how they are shaped by society, race, class, and gender. You'll be equipped to help your community reach justice and reconciliation goals.


The interdisciplinary curriculum for this major examines criminology, crime data analysis and mapping, and the contexts in which crime is rooted, or conversely, communities flourish.

With a degree in Criminal Justice, you'll graduate with an understanding of criminal behavior and the procedures and institutions within the criminal justice system. You'll see the links among the criminal justice system and criminal behavior and larger social forces. You will understand alternative approaches to address crime and related social problems and how to apply Christian values and ethical principles to criminal justice practices.

This major provides the academic foundation for a career in law enforcement, social work, mental health services, or corrections, as well as graduate work in criminology, sociology, social work, or law.

  • A minimum 68 credits is required for this major, including at least 30 upper-division credits.
  • Acceptance into this major requires at least a 2.5 GPA in the Criminal Justice curriculum at SPU, as well as a minimum 15 completed credits completed Criminal Justice courses at SPU.
  • A maximum 10 credits of URB 4940 “Internship in Criminal Justice” can apply to this major.

Degree requirements for the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice will be available in April 2018.

Karen Snedker

Why I Teach at SPU

Karen Snedker, Associate Professor of Sociology

“I teach at SPU because I believe in liberal arts education and enjoy teaching in a student-centered learning environment. I am an enthusiastic and passionate teacher and appreciate opportunities to mentor students. At SPU I am able to equip my students with the tools of social science and push them intellectually to think more critically about the social world within a caring and supportive community.”

Tent City

Engaging Homelessness

SPU is assisting, supporting, and enhancing work to end homelessness in King County and beyond. Discover how sociology professors and students have been involved.