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Fine and Performing Arts

Fine and Performing Arts
Fine and Performing Arts at Seattle Pacific University brings together three disciplines: Music, Theatre, and Art — each offering you unique challenges and opportunities. They will introduce you to the beauty of the arts and the science of technical artistry while modeling the inherent connections between faith and the arts.

Fine and Performing Arts also provides the SPU community and beyond opportunities for excellent arts experiences, including concerts, theatre performances, and fine art exhibits.

SPU's Music Department offers programs for undergraduates interested in pursuing a career in music, as well as for those wanting to sharpen their musical skills or pursue music as an avocation.

SPU’s Department of Theatre educates, trains, and prepares theatre artists of character and competence who will engage and transform the culture through faithful use of their creative gifts and talents.

SPU's Art Department programs include Studio Arts, Visual Communication Design, New Pictures/ Illustration, and Art History, all of which prepare students to begin advanced study or work professionally in art and design.

Creators Newsletter

Read Creators Online

Creators newsletter chronicles music, theatre, and the visual arts at SPU — from a percussion professor’s Civil War drum collection, to a Nazi labor camp survivor whose story is told by long-hidden letters, to a student illustrator’s rediscovery of Pinocchio.

Fine Arts Scholarships

Fine Arts Scholarships

Whatever form your creativity takes — music, theatre, or visual art — you may qualify for a fine arts scholarship.