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Are you interested in developing your journalistic skills while pursuing a major other than Communication? Regardless of your major, the Journalism minor provides you with opportunities to develop your written and oral communication skills, explore your values, and acquire techniques of insight and critical reasoning.


The Journalism minor complements any major by providing you with the foundations of good and effective communication and the understanding of the world of journalism. If you decide to pursue graduate studies, the Journalism minor will also serve you well as a strong framework in any number of fields of study.

Additionally, the skills you will hone as a Journalism minor — self-knowledge, interpersonal communication, social interaction, presentation of self, personal discipline, risk-taking, cooperative group effort, sensitivity to others, and more — are important to any career or graduate school application.

Admission Requirements

To be admitted to a minor in the Communication and Journalism Department, you first need to be admitted to a major. In addition, you’ll need to have achieved at least sophomore standing (45 college-level credits), with a minimum 2.70 cumulative GPA. Applications are available year-round.

Courses and Degree Requirements

In general, if you are a Journalism minor, you are required to earn a minimum of 30 credits in Communication (20 credits in core journalism courses and 5 credits in electives), with a minimum of 15 upper-division credits. You are also required to earn a minimum of 5 Student Media/Internship credits. Students majoring in Communication may not pursue a minor within the department.

View the Journalism minor requirements.

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