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Biology — the science of life — is dynamic and diverse. Each living thing is an amazingly complex system. From our bodies to the viruses that infect us, from vast oceans to minute bacteria, each interacts with other living things in complex ways. 

Biology majors at Seattle Pacific University graduate with a broad understanding of living organisms. Through immersion in scientific inquiry and problem solving, you’ll develop fundamental skills and knowledge for entering a wide range of careers, including those in medicine, environmental science, research, and teaching.

We offer seven undergraduate Biology majors. Whichever one you choose, you’ll benefit from a robust program emphasizing hands-on research.

We offer a Biology minor, which gives you a scientific frame of reference to complement just about any major the University offers.

Our urban location near Seattle’s biotechnology hub offers you opportunities for mentors and internships. You can also perform research through our Summer Research Program and present your research findings at local conferences.

Biology News

Students represent SPU at the 28th Annual Murdock Conference

A strong contingent of 15 students from the Departments of Biology and Chemistry & Biochemistry presented their research at the annual Murdock College Science Research Conference, Nov. 8 - 9, in Vancouver, Washington. Ngan Dang and Christine Spatecean were SPU's representatives during the oral session, sharing the research they did with student collaborator Erinn Campbell and Dr. Janet Bester-Meredith, Associate Professor of Biology. Dr. Bester-Meredith also served as SPU's faculty representative at the conference. Congratulations to all of our student presenters!

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Global Health

Global Health Is Our Health

When a confirmed infectious disease pandemic breaks out, Seattle Pacific’s emergency team swings into action, even if the outbreak is 7,000 miles away in Hong Kong.

Med School Acceptance Rates

Over the last five years, SPU premed students have achieved an average acceptance rate into medical school of 90 percent — far exceeding the 39 percent national average.

Video callout


Faith, science, and mentorship came together for SPU biochemistry student Dylan Marashi and Dr. Max Hunter. 

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